Fixing A Broken Smart Phone – It’s All In The Mind!

Before you go into unarmed combat with your faulty iPhone, it is wise to take a few minutes to gather yourself together and make sure you are prepared, both mentally and practically, to do this thing!

Because the worst thing you can do is go rushing in, attempting to remove the screen without really knowing what you are doing and ending up doing more damage than good.

So, without launching into the specifics of the actual repair, this guide attempts to “get you in the zone” mentally, to prepare you before you begin your repair.


This is the most important thing to prepare. Make sure you have got everything for your repair to hand before you even begin.

The better quality materials you have, the higher the chance of success that you will have with your repair.

It might be worth spending a few pounds more on a quality replacement screen, than that dodgy sounding one, from some guy on eBay.

As for the tools, well this can be even more mystifying than the actual repair. Some of the tools you most likely will never have heard of before, but it is worth researching these all in full and making sure you have got them laid out in front of you, before even starting your repair.

You will probably need; a spudger tool (remember what we said about them having mystifying names) various sizes of screw driver (try to pre empt disaster here and have EVERYTHING that you might need in advance) possibly some suction cups (lifting the screen out with), maybe a razor blade (for lifting the screen up with – take care here) possibly a hair dryer (we are not kidding either).

It is likely that some of these tools may come free with the purchase of some of your parts (not the hairdryer, obviously) but they are likely to be of low quality and it might be worth buying your own first.


In this case the experts means all the help you can possibly glean on the subject from manuals and how to guides on the internet.

We recommend iFixit as a good place to start.

Read the repair all the way through, from beginning to end, before you even think about attempting it. If at any point you feel this is beyond your repair capabilities, it might be best to simply hand your phone over to one of the many repair centers in Edmonton, to do it for you! We highly recommend


Although this is not recommended by most manufacturers, it is a pain to carefully reassemble something, only to find out that the part is defective.

Some phones, it isn’t too hard to check the thing is working before screwing the lid back down on it again, but use your discretion here carefully.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy 5, it might be possible to check it out before screwing it all back together again.


When doing your repair, take your time and go slowly, reading everything through carefully many times.

There is nothing to be gained by going too fast, only the increased chance that you will make a mistake.


Don’t be tempted to thump or hammer at anything. Your smart phone is delicate. Which is probably why it broke in the first place!


Lastly, you really do not want to lose a vital screw that is only visible under the Hubble Telescope. Make sure you put all the pieces you take out, carefully away.