About Us

We want to empower you to fix your broken tablet or cell phone!

We are a group of techies, who feel passionately that there are a lot of people out there, with a lot of broken devices, who are being very shoddily treated by the repair “industry”.

Although there are some trustworthy repair shops and individuals out there, offering excellent service, unfortunately there are some less than brilliant ones as well.

We know how expensive it can be when you send something to be mended in a repair center and we also know the inconvenience that being away from your phone for long periods of time can bring.

So we thought, if we could help educate the public on the best way to mend their own phones and other devices, that it would help everyone.

We do not make any money from anyone repairing a phone or tablet. We do not endorse any manufacturer, brand or outlet. Nor do we take a cut from any repair centers or suppliers.

We also do not charge for our knowledge and the only time we may ask is for business customers, who are looking to upgrade their basic and free membership to a professional one.

The benefits of having ‘pro’ membership are many – we can supply in depth assistance about wholesalers and manufacturers to help our business customers. We can give them an advice package and a community of fellow professionals to ask questions to.

We also provide a bespoke advice and help service, available especially to business customers.

But apart from that, all our how to manuals and teardowns are completely free of charge. As is our general community forum – where you can find the answer to almost any questions – as long as it is about a cell phone!

Joining is easy and will help you in your mission to mend your broken phone in confidence!