What Repairs Can I Do At Home For Myself?

When you have broken your phone, you may be tempted to either junk your phone or start thinking about remortgaging your home to pay for the costly repair.

But it could be repairable. However, as both an amateur and a beginner, there are limits to the types of repair that you may be able to undertake successfully for yourself.

Here are some of the general areas where it is likely that you may at least stand a chance with, when repairing your own cell phone.


In other words, if your phone has gone for a swim in the toilet bowl, you may still be able to salvage it.

WHAT IS NEEDED: Basically, you can choose between the tried and tested bag of rice method and the slightly newer plastic pouch one.

SUCCESS LEVEL: There is every chance that you can bring your submerged phone back from the dead – but only if you act fast!


With the advent of touch screen phones, this is less of a challenge than it used to be. All the same, if your home or on button is compromised, then you could be in for a world of pain.

Some iPhone models can have their buttons replaced manually. For other phones and functions, it is also possible to download an app to replace the button. It might be worth trying this first before attempting to repair it.


If your camera is completely broken, this could be in the category of things to leave to the professionals.

If it is just the lens that is scratched, you could be in luck and be able to have a go at mending it yourself.


There are two types of screen breakage and these vary in difficulty level.

To sum it up, a screen consists of three parts – the glass outer layer, a digitizer, which it is joined with, and an LCD.

If all that is broken is the glass outer layer, then as a beginner, you may be in luck and be able to repair it.

Yes, this can be fiddly and you should allow up to two hours to complete the repair, but it is possible.

However, if the LCD needs replacing, then this is something that we recommend you take to the professionals instead.

We hope this guide is of some use to you, when attempting to decide whether to repair your phone yourself, or not.